Our Crowned Kings of November

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Amber Helman

Driven to Serve With the Eagles in Stillwater, she raised $11,000 for the Stillwater Hospital during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Amber put a ton of work into our Breast Cancer Awareness Support month wanting to make it a success for Breast Cancer Awareness, CCB and her accounts involved.
Positive Energy Amber always has great energy with internal and external customers. She always has a smile on her face and a laugh you can hear across the room. Amber is willing to take on tasks with a “go get em” attitude.
Caring & Compassionate Amber is always there to lend a listening ear and offer support, guidance and of course a big hug when needed!
Passion to Grow Always demonstrates a willingness to grow, not only #’s in her accounts and for CCB, she wants to grow as a person. Amber was rewarded with one of the spots to SAMCOM, shown in results of her all around sales efforts.
Accountability to the Team She takes complete ownership from start to finish in her accounts and 100% ownership in the town of Stillwater.

Andy Schmitz

Driven to Serve Andy had a great month working with Katie from Summit, Steve Gaul, and the new Summit Rep Chris, in creating and executing a fantastic display at Total Wine in Eagan.
Positive Energy Andy is a fun person to be around. He’s always making jokes and smiling. And is very engaging in conversation with office staff when he’s in. He makes an effort to stay positive even with the most difficult customers.
Caring & Compassionate Andy speaks very truthfully and honestly with everyone he communicates with. He has great follow through and doesn’t want to leave anything undone.
Passion to Grow He is all in when it comes to new and better processes that we implement. He also has great feedback which is just showing his ability and passion to grow and make this place better all the time.
Accountability to the Team Andy has great accountability to his drivers with his communication and execution WITH them. This makes their relationship a real team because his drivers give this same accountability back to him.

Scott Suess “Doc”

Driven to Serve Doc has taken the recent display contest by the horns and executed within several of his accounts. His accounts love him because he does the job completely and services them to the fullest extent. Doc always delivers value to his accounts.
Positive Energy He is one of those guys that people gravitate towards. Doc may not be the loudest or the most gregarious in the room yet his sense of humor catches your ear and is uncanny. He definitely can lighten the mood of a room. Doc always has a smile on his face
Caring & Compassionate He is a guy that will stop and lend a hand on route for someone in need. Doc is one of the 1st guys to lend a hand on route for someone in need or help unload someone’s truck at the end of the day. He knows just a little extra help can really make a difference. Doc is a guy that people confide in.
Passion to Grow Doc has been a top performer in the driver’s display contest and has been willing to do whatever he can to help sell more beer during this holiday season.
Accountability to the Team He will always be the first one to admit when he makes a mistake. You never get a list of excuses and he holds himself accountable for his actions. Never leaves things for others to do or clean up behind him.

Brendon Pagel “Barge”

Driven to Serve Barge serves his accounts with 100% commitment. He always shows great awareness when discussing his accounts. Barge prides himself in his work and his commitment to CCB’s high standards of service.
Positive Energy He is always friendly around the warehouse and is a person you like to be around. His accounts love him.
Caring & Compassionate Barge understands the perspective of the business and is supportive of CCB. He often offers up suggestions to help the delivery teams. He shares with sales about their accounts and how to work as a team and what works well for all involved caring about each relationship.
Passion to Grow Barge will listen and is eager for change for his position. He is willing to be our test route with Encompass updates and is not afraid to try new things.
Accountability to the Team Barge is very reliable to the team and always wants what is best for the team. You only have to ask him once. Barge is a role model in the delivery department on how to get things done to the best standards for CCB and his accounts.

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