Our Crowned Kings of November 2019

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Sam Streitz

Driven to Serve Sam is very driven to serve CCB and his customers. When servicing his accounts, he goes above and beyond making sure his account is in better shape after he leaves than when he got there.

Positive Energy He is always in a great mood, and is often joking around and smiling with his peers.

Caring & Compassionate Sammy cares very much about his accounts as well as his fellow coworkers. He truly appreciates those around him.

Passion to Grow He is a fully committed member of our CCB family. Sammy truly appreciates the company and our family roots. He wants to grow within the company where ever there is a need/fit. Sam takes pride in being one of the most efficient drivers and finding ways to improve his route.

Accountability to the Team Sammy is the first to own his faults and never shy’s away from taking blame. He understands when a mistake happens, wants to learn, and move on in the best way to resolve the problem.

Why? He continues to assert himself as a true leader. In doing “Malecha” interviews, Jason and Carp have discovered just how well Sam portrays our company out in the market. He works well with his sales people and has been willing to adapt when there has been issues. His accounts truly appreciate the extra work he puts into their accounts and how he is willing to go above and beyond to service their needs. Sam “Gets It”  he understand how his role fits into the big picture of what we do here at CCB.

Ben Bakken

Driven to Serve Benny has worked a lot on the 3 Floyds rollout to get 5 large tap events. He is willing to do anything for the retailers. He sets up many promos for our accounts and is present at the majority of them.  This adds extra time in, being pulled away from his young family and we appreciate the extra efforts.

Positive Energy He is always positive throughout his day while though being pulled in numerous directions.

Caring & Compassionate Ben truly cares about CCB and his fellow employees. He is always someone you can count on to talk to and he will listen.

Passion to Grow He continues to help grow brands throughout our territory. Ben is working on a plan to get into other areas of our market that he doesn’t normally concentrate on to continue this growth.

Accountability to the Team Ben truly took accountability to the next level with some of our new brand launches. He has booked a bunch of permanent lines already with Fair State and 3 Floyds.

Why? Ben is a dedicated CCB family member. He looks ahead, gets things set up on his own not needing a ton of direction. He booked a bunch of tap takeovers with 3 Floyds, dedicated a lot of time to Fair State all while maintaining a good grasp on the remaining brands in craft.

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