Our Crowned Kings of November 2021

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Positive Energy – Kirsten has been a very positive force in the Delivery Department since her inception last year. She is willing to do what is asked of her, and does it with no issues whatsoever.

Driven to Serve – Over the last month, Kirsten has taken it upon herself to help in training in new hire Sammie even if that has meant to work an extra day each week. She wants nothing more than for her counterparts to know the job they are walking into as much as she does.

Caring & Compassionate – Kirsten cares very much for her fellow merchandisers and for the Company as a whole. She wants nothing more than to grow our market share and to ultimately grow our Company so everyone flourishes.

Passion to Grow – Just in how Kirsten has taken it upon herself to help in training new hires, Kirsten shows great communication skills within the Delivery Department. You can see how much she wants to be here and how she wants to grow within the Company. Kirsten is always looking for more efficient and better ways of doing things.

Accountability to the Team – Her communication on every aspect, follow through, and dedication to all shines through.

Why??? – She is an outstanding communicator with the different happenings within her route, and is willing to take on more if that helps the Company in any way. She has taken over as one of the “lead” Merchandisers since Thomas Larscheid departed for the Sales Department, and takes a lot of pride in this role. A go-to person, always willing to take on whatever is needed.



Positive Energy Conner always comes in with a positive attitude and a smile.

Driven to Serve – He is always willing to do what is needed to get the job done.  He doesn’t mind helping coworkers with tasks throughout the night.

Caring & Compassionate – Conner acknowledges his coworkers and asks how their day is going.

Passion to Grow – Conner is interested in learning new things and willing to grow to benefit the company.

Accountability to the Team – Conner isn’t afraid to own up to his mistakes when he makes them, which isn’t very often. He learns from his mistakes so he doesn’t make them again.

Why??? – Why??? Ask yourself, “why not Conner Olson?”



Positive Energy Jeff has a great attitude and is always upbeat and smiling. He takes on tasks with a no-problem mindset and he makes sure it’s done right. Jeff is always looking for solutions to problems instead of complaining about them.

Driven to Serve – He is always looking for a better way to do things. From the way that we pick assets, to how tap handles should be requested, to the way we do window pref.  Jeff is always thinking of ways to make things better.

Caring & Compassionate – He really cares about people. When he asks about your weekend plans he really wants to know. When you need help with something, he will be there with no complaints.

Passion to Grow – Jeff is always looking and thinking of ways to improve himself and the sign shop. He wants to take on new tasks to learn. Jeff has taken on some big rocks that he wants to accomplish this quarter that with help his department and others at CCB.

Accountability to the Team – Jeff was in the market to hang permanent POS, and makes sure it is 100% perfect or its not done right. He is this way across the board in all he does. Jeff’s accountability to the team really shows through by his relentless effort in seeing a task through to the end. Only when it’s done and done right, will he stop thinking about it.

Why??? – Jeff is extremely personable, easy to work with, does a great job and has been a great addition to the signage department ever since he stepped in. He’s really taken the tap handle conversation to the next level.  When new ideas arise and he gives suggestion or hears ideas, he wants to see the project through to the end.

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