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resqwater-300x300We believe that celebration should never be followed by a day of pain and misery.

RESQWATER’s roots are in art and sport, cultures that believe in celebration but demand creativity and performance. These are communities where the currency is the quality of your lifestyle, not the size of your bank account. Like everyone, we want a better life – a fuller and more productive one…

That’s why we created a scientifically formulated drink to help your body fend off the ultimate enemy of tackling life — the hangover.

In developing this formula, we created a category-defining product, RESQWATER Anti-Hangover Drink.

Don’t believe us? There’s clinical work supporting that the ingredients in RESQWATER help support your body in protecting itself from feeling lousy after drinking. Or, you can just try a bottle with every few drinks and another before bed next time you celebrate to see how it eases your day ahead…

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