Our Crowned King of April 2019

May 15, 2019

Jim Heintz

Driven to Serve Jimmy stops whatever he’s doing to help when needed. He has had a busy couple of months and never misses a beat.

Positive Energy He is always laughing and telling jokes even when you can tell he has a full plate. He doesn’t let his long “To Do” list keep him from enjoying his day and taking over his personality and energy.

Caring & Compassionate Jimmy takes the time to ask about people and what’s going on with them. He genuinely cares about you and your family.

Passion to Grow Learning more is a must have for someone in Jim’s position. I.T. is always updating and changing. Jimmy is on top of the changes, rolls with them and embraces them. He is not afraid to dig in.

Accountability to the Team Jimmy is currently filling in for the Business Analyst role and Judy while she’s off as he continues to keep up with his duties. As we all know, he has a lot on his plate and continues to cover all bases.

Why? He genuinely exemplifies all of our Core Values! Jimmy is Fantastic!


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