Our Crowned Kings of 1st Quarter 2021

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Positive Energy – We have asked a lot of Keith over the last few months and he takes all it with a smile and a good attitude. He looks at it as a way to help out CCB and not a burden.

Driven to Serve – Keith has taken the lead on the last few cooler set installs we have had. He has been meeting costumers, assessing equipment needs, ordering parts, installing and following up.  Keith is a good help with new hires and getting them set up on route. He may have talked their ear off, but we know it is still good training. 🙂

Caring & Compassionate – You can hear him all the time saying, I just want to help CCB. He truly cares about his teammates, accounts and the company.

Passion to Grow – Keith is always very eager to learn all he can about installs and he doesn’t shy away for any task given.

Accountability to the Team – 100%! When running Amber’s route he wanted to make sure everything would be a smooth transition for Tori, getting notes ready and checking dates. Keith is balancing cooler sets, route training and getting ready for his Special Event season.

Why??? – He is a true “Go to Guy”!



Positive Energy – Derek is always in a good mood when he walks through the door to start his day. He has one of the busier first couple days of the week and he doesn’t let it stress him out. Derek has a great attitude and all his accounts enjoy his presence in their store.

Driven to Serve – When Derek is asked to do something, he gets it done. We asked to get 3 Bradshaw placements and he went above and beyond and got 9 placements. Derek is always looking out for the greater good of CCB.

Caring & Compassionate – He is someone who isn’t afraid to call and ask questions. Derek truly cares about his accounts and always tries to make things right for them. He also works very well with his drivers and communicates very well with them.

Passion to Grow – Derek has really grown in to a strong sales person. His relationships with his accounts have grown tremendously! He’s always asking questions on how to get better.

Accountability to the Team – When we ask our sales team to go out and work on something, Derek hits the ground running and gets it done! He doesn’t wait around so things back up, he gets on it right away. He knows this industry is always changing so when he’s asked to do something, it’s done ASAP.

Why??? – Derek’s results are proving he gets what it means to be a sales person. His relationships with accounts are second to none. He works very well with delivery and is always willing to help if needed.

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