Our Crowned Kings of March 2019

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Mike Liberty

Driven to Serve Mike is always willing to help out with even the smallest project. This past month he has been working long hours on sets at least a few nights a week just to get them done & be on top of his game.
Positive Energy Mike always has a smile and great attitude no matter what pops up & as we all know, he always has something clever to say.
Caring & Compassionate Always willing to listen and help. Mike truly cares about our internal & external customers, making sure they get what they need from him. He truly really cares about fellow his team mates and their families.
Passion to Grow Continues to work on the position of Shelf Space Coordinator looking for improvements all the time. He wants & will beat the competition.
Accountability to the Team Mike is great at communicating what he needs help with for shelf sets & always stays in touch up to the conclusion of the set. He works with everyone to make sure they stay on task.
Why? Mike has had a very strong last couple of months. He has completed his rock of 12 sets by May 1st, earlier than expected. Mike is also pushing for at least 6 more sets in the next month along with all of the Walmart and Cashwise/Coborn’s craziness that is going on.

Andy Schmitz

Driven to Serve Andy is driven to succeed with CCB & to have his retailers succeed year after year. Andy is consistently calling Tokyo so he can have up to date arrival information for his accounts. Andy is very competitive. He provides a great deal of service and can be proud of it.
Positive Energy He comes up with positive solutions for the issues he faces while maintaining a positive attitude from start to finish.
Caring & Compassionate Andy speaks very honestly with everyone he communicates with. Ask any retailer & they will say the same & then always follows through. He doesn’t get upset with inventory issues, understanding there are dynamics with inventory. Andy is great with his accounts making sure he leaves the account better.
Passion to Grow He is all in when it comes to new & better processes that we implement. Andy has great feedback & wants to share in order to make this place better all the time. He hates to lose & loves winning. Andy is very self-motivated to get the job done.
Accountability to the Team Andy has great communication with his drivers & execution WITH them. He knows how to follow up at a high level, is always willing to make a mistake & take corrective action.
Why? Andy understands his role. He gets upset for the right reasons, yet moves forward. Andy does a great job with his accts and our suppliers. Andy just gets it!

Kristi Pressnall

Driven to Serve Kristi always goes above and beyond when it comes to her accounts & when she does relief sales. She is always asking what she can do to help the team out. She has really stepped up to help Chad Foy when it is needed.
Positive Energy As Adam say, hearing “whaaats happening” is one of the best parts of the day. Kristi always has energy in her voice & is genuinely excited & interested in talking with whomever she encounters.
Caring & Compassionate Kristi wants everyone to win!
Passion to Grow She asks all kinds of questions when it comes to new products, not just flavor but what kind of packaging so she knows what she can sell. Kristi always welcomes feedback and wants to learn.
Accountability to the Team Kristi is our plan A now when it comes to relief sales. The whole team is on board.
Why? Simply put, her willingness to help.

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