Our Crowned Kings of October 2019

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Kristi Pressnall

Driven to Serve Kristi provides over the top service. She goes above and beyond with any task given. Kristi takes pride in what she does and wants to keep everyone happy and wants to make sure our accounts are provided the best service.

Positive Energy On display all day, every day, asking everyone how they are doing.

Caring & Compassionate Kristi is willing to listen and share every day. She is always asking to help out. A prime example is how she has been there for a support base/rock for any employee going through a difficult time.

Passion to Grow Provi (new online ordering for some customers)!  She is all in and learning new challenges within Provi daily. Kristi has also helped free up some sign shop time by taking on the Shutterfly books and helping design the monthly Wellness boards.

Accountability to the Team Kristi is always communicating and letting us know what is happening in her accounts. VERY Accountable, you can count on Kristi for any task given to her to be done on time. She’s always asking questions to make sure the processes are followed.

Why? Kristi is the definition of a team player; she is All In. She is always willing to do what it takes to help out.

Miguel Lopez

Driven to Serve Miguel has stepped up to the challenge of more responsibilities with Kyle’s departure. He jumped right in and didn’t hesitate to keep things moving as best possible while being shorthanded.

Positive Energy He gets along well with others and likes to make them laugh. Miguel hasn’t let the transition affect his disposition.

Caring & Compassionate Miguel is very cautious with everything he does. He never wants to make a mistake. When Miguel learned he received KOM, he was hesitant to accept the honor as he wanted to make sure we were all aware of everyone’s efforts who is on the night loading team. He is proud of his teammates.

Passion to Grow He has quickly taken on some of the finer details to loading and wants to improve everywhere he can. Miguel isn’t afraid to try new things; understanding they may not work, yet he doesn’t let that hold him back as he knows, either way, he can learn from the effort.

Accountability to the Team His coworkers can count on him to help them with anything. With the extra-long hours the loaders have been putting in, Miguel has come in early to help train new loaders. He has kept on task and reassured his teammates that theses longer hours will be resolved soon, encouraging them to work as a team to ensure this happens.

Why? Miguel has the patience to teach new loaders and the patience to learn the new things coming his way. He is just a great guy to have around.

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