29 Random Acts of Kindness

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Brittany Voth, our Brand Activation Manager, recently celebrated her 29th birthday. We don’t always highlight birthday celebrations on our blog – but this one deserves to be shared!

Here is how she describes her day:

“I spent my last birthday in my 20s, doing random acts of kindness… 29 of them. Donating clothes to a women’s shelter, planting a rose bush that someone else will enjoy, and giving gifts to the children’s hospital were a few of my favorites. Spending the day giving made my heart so full and I’m so thankful for how blessed I truly am 💕”

Brittany Voth

Her 29 random acts of kindness were:

✅ Buy a coffee for the car behind you

✅ Picked up litter on sidewalk

✅ Donate dog toys

✅ Donate $ to humane society

✅ Carry groceries out to someone’s car

✅ Smiled at an elderly man (he winked back at me)

✅ Left quarters in Aldis grocery carts

✅ Donate a bag of food

✅ Gifted a couple scarves to a Somalian neighbor

✅ Opened the door for everyone today

✅ Read 3 books to a disabled boy, named Abdi

✅ Gave markers/ coloring books to Lincoln elementary school for special needs children

✅ Dropped off 20 presents to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul

✅ Helped pregnant women w/stroller

✅ Gave a cookie to my mail woman

✅ Took Khaleesi (my pup) for an hour car ride

✅ Spent extra time w/someone random

✅ Paid 29 compliments to people

✅ Brought flowers to someone

✅ Left quarters for 4 “a soda on me”

✅ Give homeless guy clothes

✅ Donate clothes to a women’s shelter

✅ Plant a tree

✅ Go to church and say a prayer

✅ Let someone cut ahead of me

✅ Let 29 people I love, know it

✅ Lave my dog extra kisses

✅ Gave my best friend an extra long hug

✅ Got someone else to donate

What have you done today?

Thank you Brittany for all you do! We are proud to have you on our team.

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