Ultimate Infographic Guide To Beer Glassware

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Great beer is best served in the proper glassware. When you drink a beer out of its intended beer glass, it releases the aroma, flavor, and carbonation. Get a look at which beer styles work best when served in different glasses.
Cheat sheet:
Snifter: Barleywine, strong ale, pale ale, IPA, esibock, stout, tripel, quadrupel
Tulip: Ale, pale ale, strong ale, IPA, lambic and gueuze
Goblet: Belgian IPA, belgian strong dark ale,  dubbel, tripel, quadrupel
Pilsner: Lambic, faro, maibock, hellesbock, lager, weizenbock
Weizen Vase: Pilsner, lager, bock, dopplebock, Hellesbock
Stein: Ale, lager, IPA, porter, dopplebock, stout, witbier
Nonic Pint: Lager, ale, IPA, stout, porter, beer cocktail
Shaker Pint: Ale, lager, IPA, porter, dopplebock, stout, witbier
Tulip Pint: Stout, lager, ale, IPA, porter, beer cocktail
Seitel: Amber/red ale, IPA, baltic porter, black & tan, bock, rauchbier, roggenbier, witbier
Thanks to LifeHacker for this great article!
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